Rough explanation for Oil Painting and Chinese Painting



    Oil painting has been introduced into Chinese for 500 years old, but there are only over hundreds that the Chinese really started comprehensively to draw oil painting .Introducing Western painting materials into the traditional Chinese painting creations is not a simple thing, Except technology , visual perception is already a challenge, let alone to overcome internal and external resistance on various concepts, also undertake lasting distant traditional Chinese painting.


    For exploring landscape painting of the paint cloth (printed), from the QianXian yet today for nearly a century, but still no tales. It is possible to achieve visual effect through making use of  traditional methods, materials and tools on the basis of ancient people in spite of difficult. Using greasepaint (but not only use oil painting brushwork) to create Chinese paintings, and reshape painterly, rebuild the formative and spatial, make up for the deficiency of calligraphy subjectivity in picture, beyond performance since Ming and Qing dynasty, and keep direct contact with the traditional of jin tang yuan, and maintain strong distinctive contemporary, jump out by imitating ancient archaize simply, which looks like a dead end at first sight, actually may be a new road. This way has three progressive progress of key link : material substitution, the choice of painting methods, painting idea succession.    


    Many people think that the road is blocked on that there are quite a lot of technical factors using  paints to paint Chinese as the coverage and liquidity of media has certain conflict; and more barriers on thought of bondage, appreciate and values. The same is greasepaint done on the canvas and paper, people often think habitually, it must be "oil painting", what is more, some people think that it is an insult to traditional Chinese painting (some say the ink on paper has become one of the characteristics of Chinese painting, so once changed material tools, it is not Chinese painting any more ).  It is not blind alley in art. What the Predecessors didn't make, not necessarily future generations will not be. Although the change of material made oneself eyes to adjust it well to the people accustomed to watch the ink painting ,we Believe that the situation will improve over time.


material substitution


    The change of the material tool may bring new hope if Chinese paintings want to get the new life. Chinese paintings had accumulated image resources in the long years , undoubtedly have different characteristics compared to the west; Although the relationship have a lot of controversy between such image resources and material tool, materials tools are always basic. Starting from the basis, some fundamental change will be caused , for example, traditional Chinese painting earlier was done by the silk into the paper in the earlier time (by color into the ink). The changes of painting materials and tools lead to changes of painting method (techniques), visual effects, and appreciation taste, even lead to other changes or disintegration,----or other factors caused the change of painting materials tools, that is, Chinese has been fully familiar with properties of oil painting and related tools through hundreds of years of contact and use . It is a valuable thing to create Chinese paintings by making Use of greasepaint and ink's different medium characteristics. But it is a low-key affair only to imitate ink using greasepaint.


    Material characteristics' problem is really very important. It is necessary that fully understand and master some of the characteristic greasepaint and knife shaped on the canvas.When Using these different materials tools different from the past to create Chinese Painting, which character is more suitable to play and effective use , which needs more attention.


    When using the above materials tools to paint Chinese, you feel truly the ink must be broken off . The greasepaint has poor liquidity compared to ink, therefore, naturally have to weakening writing, and perhaps also difficult to achieve the effect the ink rendered to satisfy the original appreciation taste. However, refresh pictures quality and brand-new construction form greasepaint brought have extremely special effects on breaking plane, opening modelling and restoring the missing already a long time of space depth, although the balance between them still worthy of noting. Among them, one of the risk is (due to play well with paint quality, based on the theory of western color) that color in picture form of organization may damage the form of traditional Chinese painting. we can explore the extremely broad space, for example,the relationship between materials and subject matter, the relationship between the material quality and give prize point, the effect comparison between the same topic of the different materials, the special relations between material change and effect of Chinese painting's special form, the relationship between the material properties and the organization form of Chinese painting, and so on.


Choice of painting methods


    After effort a generation of Chinese painters,Chinese landscape painting has formed the specific schema or form standard, not limited to composition layout, the position management of the landscape QiuHe and the business of flowers and plants, also relates to the overall coordination of the materials, for example, a past traditional Chinese painting had two or more big color fastens arrangement at least, even if is "single" pure ink and wash painting ,material impression of in pen and not in pen still constitutes two large color fastens arrangement; and shallow and overseas landscape increases the color of the shallow overseas, and so on. When using greasepaint to paint, these problems that originally is not a problem are transformed into a new key point needed to pay attention to and master.


    If the painting technology and creation law of oil painting of Western classical and modern socialist and Postmodernism directly be used in the creation of Chinese painting, a series of problems may be formed. The creation of Chinese painting need abide by the general standard related to the from of landscape painting on the constitution form. Of course the color relations can use, also can not use color principle of western painting . Relying on or not rely on objective motif to make creation and pure poetry type "naked" picture or the performance creation of making public personality, layer upon layer mask or flat besmear, subtle impasto , all of which can try to, anyhow, visual harmonious first.

    We must fully noticed that related conflicts of painting methods caused by the difference of Medium characteristics.As far as my experience goes,it will be suffered to many difficult to comprehensive use directly painting methods of oil painting into the creation of the Chinese painting, So, the painting method should be readjusted and integrated.The Chinese Painting creation of the paint cloth has certain risk: give flowers and birds with excessive dimension sense, build too lifelike space optical illusion, and maintain the landscape painting characters of the image at the same time as the digestion its characteristics and interest, may lead finally to deviate from a conventional meaning of innovation----What created is not Chinese landscape painting and flower and bird painting,but a conventional meaning oil painting or similar to the works of "contemporary art"---which need to hold the scale in practice.Generally speaking,due to the poor liquidity of greasepaint,the traditional creation process of painting 皴晕染点can be given up basically---Because even if using the technique of 勾皴染 and so on ,we still get the perception effect of "picture",such lessons have a lot. If diluted with cold press, the equivalent effect can be also available with the ink on paper silk equivalent, only here, using oil paint will get better effect than writing brush. Increase spaciousness and dimension sense, but still must prevent perspective's the natural tendency , and the taste of traditional oil painting on chiaroscuro especially light; The selection and arrangement of form need to keep enough Chinese rhythm charm; Chinese painting based on the paint material, if we want to avoid similar visual experience with traditional green style, in general, call for more in-depth painting form. As for stylizing of stone method, tree method, water method, clouds method can be broken one by one, and the whole change also need to integration.


    Because of different from traditional creation material tools, applicable painting method needs to find out and fix down in the continuous exploration. No matter of ancient and modern,Chinaand foreign countries, method's mature need a process, so is predecessors.


painting idea succession


    The "idea" of painting, each have Pope. As individual painter, follow their different talent, can make corresponding choice. Need to pay attention to recognize such items that the general painting idea of eastern and Western painting and the difference of ancient and modern, for example, if introducing light and shadow transition of the light into Chinese painting, the Chinese painting will lose unique taste of Chinese landscape, flower and bird. This is an important reason that among those people exploring the "convergence" who try to put the oil painting skill and element mechanically into Chinese paintings, but the final picture is unlike Chinese painting.


    For example,the organized way of Chinese paintings and western painting pictures is different. In general, a bottom of western painting is to be covered, whereas the bottom of Chinese painting is part of the picture- "blank".  Another example is that viewing distance between people is widening, our visual feelings is very different from ancients, appreciation taste changes a lot in modern society especially network times.


    Because of the extra-modernity of Chinese painting, it has not such a special assignment that make landscape painting become more contemporary, but only for continuous extension and conversion gain of fun. After substitute materials, and through drawing transform, Chinese painting inevitably eliminates the ink, and reduce line position and effects, such, how to still call for Chinese paintings? Main explore information from construction form.


    Most important is the painting article and picture frame Chinese painting in the case of any material tool had to faced, and had been stressed traditionally. High-end China landscape painting, showing a kind of presence written language can't present, for the image painted, image formed, the ink used, the more for material, image composed of effect. We will deepen our understanding to Chinese drawing in the processing of understanding constantly ancients had made effects, we can put aside all kind of the narrow conservative inherent stereotypes, continue and reshow the open and inclusive of traditional Chinese painting with broad mind and vision, subtle practice and verification,



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