JUJU WANG-palasee 1

palasee 1Intallation,mirror, silk, wood,500×500×500cm,2016版数:1Not for sale

Reportage Creation : The installation blocks the left and right entrances of the Dacheng Gate, therefore redirecting visitors towards the middle stairs. As soon as they arrive at the top of the stairs, there is a written explanation of the meaning behind the gate. the installation is not just a route guiding device, but also a tool of reflection. 100 mirrored, stainless steel blocks are stacked on top of each other, turning in different directions, reflecting each corner of the palace. The same architectural style creates an optical illusion, forcing people pay more attention to the details of the building. 大成门前,两个大型镜面装置错落叠加在两边侧门。100个镜面不锈钢盒子层层叠加,转向上下左右各个角度,反射出朝天宫的建筑及景观细节,形成一个虚实结合的视觉错觉画面,让参观者产生欲望想把每一幅画面和真实场景一一对应,看透宫内外。 大成门内,以“万花筒”为灵感,将丝巾与不锈钢材装置结合,制作成一个个通光万花筒,围绕大成门四周,形成“巡回”气势,让观者驻足光影之间,感悟历史、当下与未来邂逅的艺术魅力。以万花筒视角,幻化出斑斓视觉效果。 强烈现代气息的几何图形,与源自传统文化的色彩结构,以当代方式诠释传统审美。



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