JUJU WANG-palasee 2

palasee 2Intallation,acrylic, wood,450×20×5000cm,2016版数:1Not for sale

Reportage Creation : It can be said that design is the soul of architecture. If the soul of the building can be extracted and placed before us, it will definitely catch people’s attention. The Dacheng Hall is a representation of that belief. By taking samples of 3-meter-tall palace doors, acrylic carved traced out their designs, when all the color is removed all that is left is the geometric design itself. Combined with modern materials and laser engraving technology, the traditional patterns are “projected” onto transparent material transporting the viewer through time. 窗格,在中国传统建筑与生活中具有“隔而不断” 的功能和审美情趣,既保证了空间的独立性,又具有视觉的贯穿和延伸感。装置以大成殿殿门的窗格影像为原型,以纱绢为灵感,投影镌刻 于现代亚克力材料之上,形成一道透光的屏障。宛如屏风的“殿门” 与真实的殿门之间,形成亦真亦幻 的光影走廊,借朦胧叠影效果,让大成殿更显威严,进而形成一种“ 回避”气势。



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