JUJU WANG-triggered cell

triggered cellIntallation,glass, wood,etc,300×500×700cm,2017版数:1Not for sale

Reportage Creation : In order to celebrate Olay discovery of super-peptide B3 complex that simulates skin signals that triggers origin cells proliferation and improve self recovery power to have well lifting water light skin, the event is set up to receive the public in a interactive high techm exibition environment. After 10 year of research and 300 million possibilities the event is set up to interact with the public and give a glimpse into Olay breakthrough science. The main theme of the proposed installations was to embrace the cell and by using mirrors, light motion, projected screens, to generate a unique experience for the public. The installation is a celebration of the trigger effect that the origin cell has over the skin. The public is invited to activate the art piece that will be light responsive creating light movement projected over carved acryl of different sizes. Light stands with mirror base will generate a unique space in which the public can get lost admiring the mesmerizing light dance. The base is covered with mirror so that the lights can multiply into an infinite space.



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