JUJU WANG-Merry boX-mas

Merry boX-masIntallation,mixed material,40×28×28cm,2017版数:1Not for sale

Reportage Creation : To celebrate Christmas, the approach was to enhance the magical feeling of the winter holiday by bringing a joyful and playful, yet aristocratic and elegant touch to the action of present giving. The shape follows the outline of a Christmas tree, one of the most iconic elements that enhance Christmas spirit. The exterior has lines that are inspired from Christmas trees covered heavy snow that gives a warm feeling. The interior of the box is made out of mirror acrylic that generate an optical illusion feeling with endless reflected Christmas transparent globes. The interior of the transparent globes will be filled with golden leaf particles inspired by the Acqua din Parma iconic yellow. Lights placed at the bottom, inside, create an artistic effect.



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