JUJU WANG-snowflakes

snowflakesIntallation,steel, gold leaf,350×550×600cm,2017版数:1Not for sale

Reportage Creation : The “Snowflakes” installation found its inspiration in the endless possibilities of the children imaginary world where time becomes the playground. 22 plates of snowflakes compose a 3 dimensional gaming environment, creating a structural atmosphere, remembering the children games, where the mirror composing shapes unleash time and space for adventure and joy. The original patterns on the snowflake was to celebrate the passing moment between the years, patterns inspired by fireworks were displayed on the surface of the mirrored surface, to capture that brief moment of joy and happiness that we used to experience when we were young. Also, it captures the value of that one moment that everyone is experiencing and invites people to cherish every moment of their life with the same enthusiasm and happiness.