2020 openning exhibition, Shanghai TX mall;
2019 "Daoism", Design Miami/Miami, United States;
2019 installation "up north", Beijing SKP Mall;
2019 JUJUWANG X Canada Goose, "Shanghai City Sense";
2019 solo exhibition "back to the origins", Gallery Scene Ouverte, Paris, France;
2019 "meeting the future" group exhibition, SxV MoMA, Qingdao, China;
2019 "IOAF" group exhibition, The Obaek Jang-goon Gallery, Jeju Island, Korea;
2019 installation "sea-cret", Design Miami/Basel, Switzerland;
2019 JUJUWANG X Swarovski, permanate installation "crystal cave", Chengdu Taikooli;
2018 "Intimate Design" group exhibition, in collaboration with LEXUS, Beijing 798 Art Factory;
2018 "Art of Takumi" group exhibition, in collaboration with LEXUS, Shanghai Powerlong Museum & Chengdu Taikooli;
2018 "The Power of Women" exhibition, in collaboration with Audemars Piguet, CHAO art center, Beijing;
2018 installation "restless", W hotel, Shanghai;
2018 JUJUWANG x CHJ, XX jewelry series sold nation-wide;
2018 solo exhibition, Shanghai Duoyunxuan Art Museum;
2017 installation "snowflakes", Shanghai Intercontinental Hotel, Duoyunxuan Art Museum;
2017 installation "lift a finger, lift a smile", Shanghai Exibition Center;
2017 installation " trigger cell", Beijing Minsheng Museum;
2017 installation "cashless trip", Beijing International Airport;
2017 limited edition gift box "blossom", in collaboration with Acqua Di Parma;
2017 solo exhibition, shipping containers "FF4", art collaboration with CHJ Jewelry, Shanghai West Bund;
2016 solo exhibition "PalaSee", Nanjing Chaotian Palace;
2015-2018 installation "House of Clouds", Shanghai exhibition center, Shanghai Big World, Luozhongli Museum, Duoyunxuan Art Museum, UNESCO headquarter;
2015 solo exhibition "reflection", Shanghai Xintiandi Fuxin SOHO;

2004-2009 Bachelor of Science, Master of Science, University of California, Berkeley; Full scholarship;

honors and awards:

2019 "Future Leader of the Year" Award by AmCham Shanghai;

2019 "Designers of the Future" Award by Swarovski;

2019 "Asia’s new Pioneer" title by Generation T.;

2018 "Spacial Artist of the year" by 10th Saint Angelo Pioneer Art Festival;

2018 "China’s new Pioneer" title by Generation T.;

2018 "Artistic Star Award of the Year" by PCLADY;

2016 "Culture Heritage Award" by Design Shanghai;

2008 "National COMTO Scholar" The Thomas G. Neusom Scholarship;

2004-2008 recipient of Cal Opportunity Scholarship;

2007 "UC Berkeley College of Engineering Department Award" by Bechtel Engineering Scholarship;

2006" Northern California Chapter COMTO Scholar" The Sharon Banks Scholarship;

2004 UC Berkeley Alumni Leadership Scholarship;

2004 Bechtel Women in Engineering Scholarship;

2004 Turner Construction Scholar, The Achievement Scholarship;

2004 Port of Oakland ASA Scholarship;


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